The microblading healing process is often misunderstood and but there are many resources out there to turn to that you can trust. In this article, I’m going to lay out your expected microblading healing process across a reasonable time span that reflects what I typically see in my clients. 

If you’d like to know more specifically about microblading services available to you, check out the microblading services page.

There are a variety of factors that can change the outcome of your microblading appointment – here are some examples of commons factors:

  • Skin Type
  • Whether You’ve Had Previous Cosmetic Work Done
  • Age

But regardless of where you are on the spectrum of any of these considerations, it’s very important you educate yourself on the healing process so you know what to expect. But you also want to be familiar with the process so you can maximize your results. Below I have listed out your expected appointment experience.

If you’d like to see either the official Precare or the Aftercare guidelines I give to all my clients so they can refer to the documentation at a convenient time for them, follow either of the links below:

Microblading Healing Process: Day 1 to 2

Day 1: The first day your freshly microbladed eyebrows are approximately 50% darker than they will be once they are fully healed. If you have some light to moderate swelling and/or redness, that’s totally normal. This is one of the reasons your microblading looks darker in the first place.

Additionally, you can expect low levels of swelling but it’s worth noting this won’t be very visible. But this will correct itself naturally. After a few days, exfoliation kicks off which causes any of the extra pigment around your brows to flake off. This will in turn reflect a slightly more slim brow design. Again, this is to be expected and it’s important to trust the healing process if immediately after you feel your brows have too much width.

Exfoliation, which begins in a few days, will cause the excess pigment surrounding the eyebrow to flake away and a more narrow appearance will result. As your skin naturally continues to heal, it will result in a softer look and over time, your brows will settle on your original design we created for you the day of your appointment.

Day 2: This will resemble similar things you experienced Day 1. Nothing to fear! It’s important you let the healing process do it’s job.

Microblading Healing Process: Day 3 to 7

Day 3: This is where exfoliation typically begins. You’ll also notice your brows will likely become itchy. Resist the urge to scratch them. You’ll also notice more texture on your brows.

Day 4: Exfoliation and flaking becomes noticeable. The center of your brows will be the last to flake and it will begin on the outer most edges. Again, do not pick at your brows and let your skin heal naturally.

Day 5-6: A very important note here – many clients experience brows seeming more “gray” at this stage. THIS IS NORMAL. The color will intensify over the next few days.

Day 7: Now that the first week is complete, you’ll notice the very bold look has subsided as expected. over the course of the next couple days, your overall brows will likely seem a shade or so lighter than where they’ll end up once they are fully healed.

Microblading Healing Process: Day 8 to 30

Day 8-10: Your final brow color makes it’s first early appearance.

Day 11-30: over the coming 2 weeks or so, this process will keep solidifying. As your skin heals, it will lock in that color so be sure to protect your investment and let nothing compromise your brows reaching their fullest potential.

Day 30: You are well on your way to your 6 week touch up. Keep an eye on anything you want addressed or would like to talk about. I can help guide you should we both feel very minor corrections should be made. But in most cases, things are going perfectly as I like to thoroughly prepare all y clients. No one likes surprises – especially on their face! Hopefully you enjoyed this and feel more prepared to talk on your microblading appointment.

Microblading Healing Process: Next Steps

You’ve successfully completed your first month of healing with your beautiful new brows – well done! And if you are a someone who is interested in brows and just read that to learn, you can get in touch with me via the information on the contact page. I’d love to chat further about your microblading options, your next steps, and how to give you the brows you’ve always dreamed of.

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