In order for you to fully understand my drive to serve Chicago microblading clients, it’s crucial we delve into 3 main reasons why Natural Look By Eva is so well suited to offer microblading to the greater Chicago community and more specifically, you.

1. My Passion For Microblading Chicago Clients

Being born and raised in the Czech Republic, I knew that establishing a thriving microblading salon focusing especially on Chicago microblading clients was particularly important to me. Chicago is rich with cultural and ethnic diversity – something I can fully appreciate having moving to the US 20 years ago.

You can read more about my background, story, and training as a microblading artist here.

The Windy City has treasures ranging from the Taste of Chicago to hosting the world’s second largest collection of impressionist paintings second only to Paris. If there’s one thing I can assure you without you reading a sentence further, it’s that my goal is to create an approachable environment you feel comfortable and excited about pursuing your beauty goals. Many clients describe how comfortable they are with me which is so crucial to microblading.

There needs to be trust.

And as someone who has experienced many cultures, I feel very privileged to serve all Chicago microblading clients and want to assure you that my number 1 goal is to connect with you.

Regardless of wherever you are in your microblading journey. Regardless of wherever you’re from in the world. We share a common goal of enhancing your natural beauty with natural-looking microbladed eyebrows. You can view more details regarding microblading services offered so we can get started as soon as you’re comfortable.

2. Microblading Chicago & The Link To Female Empowerment

Not only is Chicago a beautifully diverse melting pot of people, it also is a hot spot for female business owners and entrepreneurs. As if it wasn’t proof enough using Natural Look By Eva as an example of a byproduct of that, this idea is embedded into the very core of who I am and what my business is about. It doesn’t mean you need to own a business to want to feel empowered, though. That fact that Chicago remains one of the most friendly cities in the country for female entrepreneurs speaks volumes to how this city values women and why it’s so important we continue to cultivate it. Below is a quote from one of the many publications speaking to the level of female empowerment in Chicago:

With 123,632 women business owners, Chicago is third on the list both in terms of women business owners and general population. Chicago’s large business community can be attributed in part to its many professional and educational institutions as well as to a decent tourism industry, which impacts everything from shopping to food. The city has also seen growth in female owned engineering and tech firms in recent years.

Small Biz Trends

I believe strongly that as women, we need to encourage and build each other up. Through my years of experience microblading Chicago residents, I’ve found how appreciate my clients are not just because of their results, but because of how much it dramatically improved things beyond microblading. I explain everything you need to know about microblading in Chicago if you are considering this beauty service and want more information. Most are surprised to witness first hand the benefits of not feeling the persistent need to put on makeup before the world sees your face. A recent client once put it perfectly in a review:

Microblading gave me the gift of finally feeling ‘good enough’ naturally. I no longer reached for the brow pen. I even noticed I wore significantly less makeup overall. It really did boost my confidence in ways I never saw coming. Thank you, Eva for all you’ve done for me beyond your amazing microblading work!

3. Giving Lost Time Back To My Microblading Chicago Clients

Chicago continues to be the third largest city in the United States. It’s no surprise this comes with perks but also comes with downsides. Many clients come to Natural By Eva and express how desperate they are to have their mornings back or how sick they are of looking for tricks to put on makeup faster.

I work with many women to give them the brows of their dreams but what most of my clients have in common is their busy schedule. Whether work or personal, so many of us are always on the go. And with such jam-packed schedules, anywhere you can find an extra precious handful of minutes, especially in the morning, it’s a big deal. Not to mention the amount of stress and anxiety many clients expressed was eating away at them to perfect their brow shape and shade each morning.

I want you to try this exercise in your head with me as you read this. Be honest in your answers:

  1. How many minutes a day to you spend on your brows and your makeup overall?
  2. How many days a week, on average, do you do this?

Now take your answer from Question (1) and multiply it by your answer from Question (2). Take a serious look at that number and consider the things you value most. What would you trade to get all those minutes back? To really take this to the next level, multiply your weekly number by 52 to get the amount of minutes a year you spend on things one fun & simple microblading appointment can solve.

With Natural Look By Eva microblading services, you no longer have to choose between focusing on your busy schedule and your natural beauty. Let me help you make the most of both!

You can contact me directly to book an appointment. Or if you want to call or text questions, you can also do that. If you would like to read more to get more comfortable with microblading, please consider my pre-care & after-care requirements. I hope to speak to you soon. Feel free to call with questions or to book your microblading appointment now: +1 708 268 4642 or email me here.