“The very first thing I did was go to my computer and google ‘Microblading Chicago Illinois’ hoping the answer would be out there. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m thankful I found you though.”

This is a common story of my local clients in the Chicago Illinois area who are seeking microbladed eyebrows for a more youthful look with a natural approach. I’ve talked about this similarly in the blog outlining the 3 reasons you deserve microblading if you’re in the Chicago area.

But this blog in particular is going to be all about what you should know about this very popular, semi-permanent brow solution from my experience Microblading Chicago Illinois clients and my extensive history in the beauty industry. 

What Is Microblading

Microblading is a semi-permanent solution for those looking for a more full set of eyebrows. There’s many reasons someone may want this and should pursue microblading. The most common thing my clients say to me is that it saves them a lot time from the typical makeup routine which gives them more time to spend in ways they choose to.

Another important thing clients mention is achieving a more natural, beautiful look but without their microblading being too obvious. My approach to microblading makes sure to highlight the natural shape of your face. Microblading is the process of recreating your natural hair you already have but using a microblading tool. If done properly, this tool is designed to make the hair strokes I create indistinguishable from your existing brow hair.

The use of this tool requires certification and training – both of which I have a large amount of through my many years in this industry. You can learn more about me as an artist on the about the artist page. How we make sure to get you exactly the brows you want is through the consultation process which is at the very start of your appointment. It’s important you know that I don’t do any of the microblading work until I have a clearly defined shape for your brows that you are comfortable with. This brings us to more about the appointment. 

What Is the Appointment Like?

Most are usually surprised how much time goes into the design you want your brows to take the shape of. This part of the appointment takes however much time you need until you are happy. It typically takes a  considerable amount of the appointment because my clients actually begin to enjoy that stage once they see how fun it is co-creating their perfect look with a microblading professional like myself. 

Once you are happy with the shape, the rest of the time is spent on the actual microblading process. Depending on how bold or what shape you want after that initial consultation we start with, the time varies. It can last anywhere from 45 minutes to even 90 minutes. What is most important to me is making sure you are happy. And for something that lasts the better part of a year at minimum, I am very thorough and precise to really make sure your investment in your beauty will last and that the strokes deliver the ink properly into the skin.

Right now, for both classic microblading and ombre brows microblading will cost $499. Check out the microblading services page for more information about your microblading options. And if you are unsure which option is right for you, don’t worry! I’m here to help you with that. It might be useful for you to view my microblading portfolio so you can get a feel for what results typically look like – below is a sample of that page.

Microblading Chicago Illinois natural look by eva microblading portfolio

After that, you are set to show off your new brows! It’s very common for clients to schedule their 6 week touch up after that initial appointment is done. I will then explain to you the necessary next steps, how to properly care for your brows and make sure they heal correctly to maximize results. This brings us to the next thing you need to know – aftercare.  

Microblading Aftercare

Microblading Chicago Illinois clients for years now has given me unique insight as to how to best take care of your brows – especially in Chicago’s seasonal weather fluctuations. For instance, one of the most important things to do once you get your microblading is protect them from the sun. Your fresh brows are susceptible to the sun’s harsh rays and could fade if you don’t follow the aftercare procedures carefully.

There are many other considerations you should keep in mind to protect your brows. I have outlined them at length on my microblading aftercare page I created for you. Choosing the right artist is very important due to not all skill levels being equal. This will impact your results. You also need to be sure your artist has all the proper training and safety certifications.

I specialize in skin care and am a trained esthetician which gives me a unique toolset to blend a mastery of the art needed with microblading as well as a deep understanding of proper facial skincare. So you can trust me to help you follow the optimal aftercare procedures and I’m always available if you need to know anything.

Next Steps For Your Microblading

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have after your review this information, your aftercare procedures, any of my client work, or anything else in general. I will make sure you are full informed and guide you to ensure your investment in your beauty lasts as long as possible.

That’s what makes microblading such a great option for Microblading Chicago Illinois clients and in other neighboring areas clients come to me from:

It’s a cost effective solution that often replaces a fair amount of your makeup routine.

You can reach me anytime if you’d like to discuss your options through my contact page. I look forward to hearing from you and am excited to join you on your beauty journey for your perfect pair of microbladed eyebrows.