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Natural Brows By Eva Microblading Blog is something I created for all those who are interested in microblading but still have questions. Be sure to also check out the microblading services page for details on your microblading options available for you to book now. Use the contact page to get in touch with me directly.  View my work on Facebook and Instagram!

How to choose the perfect color for microblading?

How to choose the perfect color for microblading? Microblading eyebrows add fullness, definition, and color to your brows. So you can easily select the microblading optimal pigment. Whenever you have over plucked or thin brows, the need for the same procedure is common to get a permanent solution. Apart from

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Microblading Safety

Bloodborne Pathogens Certification

Bloodborne Pathogens Certification Natural Look by Eva is a premier microblading and eyebrow shading business that takes pride in our work and values our customers. We hold ourselves to a high standard. Safety in microblading is our overall safety goal. We do this by taking all the necessary steps in

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How Safe is Microblading?

How safe is Microblading?

Have you considered microblading safeness? Get expert advice from Eva. Eva is a licensed esthetician and permanent makup artist. She is the owner of Natural Look By Eva located in Bolingbrook, IL. When it comes to eyebrows, fuller darker brows are in. Some people are blessed with perfectly shaped eyebrows.

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Microblading Scabbing

“Does microblading scab?”

“Does microblading scab?” Can you develop microblading scabs? This is a commonly asked question and I hope to answer this question and more in this post. Here is everything you need to know about the healing process and our anti scabbing microblading aftercare. Here at Natural Look By Eva, we

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Microblading Facts

5 Microblading Facts That Will Shatter Your Assumptions

There’s a lot of microblading facts that people hold true without proper research. It’s always important to do extensive research on the pros and cons of any body-altering procedure before actually getting it done. If you are currently considering getting a microblading procedure on your eyebrows, keep reading.

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Microblading Process

The Natural Look By Eva Microblading Process Explained

The microblading process is very critical for you, the client, to understand. At Natural Look By Eva, I want you to love your microblading and in order to do that, you have to first be confident in not only the results, but how they are achieved. I also want you

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microblading chicago Illinois natural look by eva

Microblading Chicago Illinois & Everything You Need To Know

“The very first thing I did was go to my computer and google ‘Microblading Chicago Illinois’ hoping the answer would be out there. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m thankful I found you though.” This is a common story of my local clients in the Chicago Illinois area who

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microblading chicago natural look by eva

Microblading Chicago: 3 Reasons Why You Need Microbladed Eyebrows

In order for you to fully understand my drive to serve Chicago microblading clients, it’s crucial we delve into 3 main reasons why Natural Look By Eva is so well suited to offer microblading to the greater Chicago community and more specifically, you. 1. My Passion For Microblading Chicago Clients

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Microblading Naperville

Microblading Naperville The Natural Look By Eva Way

Microblading Naperville and any woman seeking to boost their confidence has always been an important mission for me. But I wasn’t always in this quant, gorgeous town. I wasn’t always in the heart of the US – Or the United States at all for that matter. Microblading Naperville & The

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Ombré, Microblading, & Very Oily Skin

If you’ve done any sort of research while considering microblading or ombre treatments, you have found that microblading is not recommended for every type of skin. Extremely oily skin, psoriasis, eczema, & dermatitis prone skin are just a few of the types I do not recommend for a microblading treatment.

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microblading chicago

Does Microblading Hurt?

During my consultations with new clients, we cover a ton of information. From what to do before and after treatments, to desired color, and shape and everywhere in between. Keeping my clients informed and educated about their microblading choice is extremely important to me. However, one question I find many

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Questions to Ask Your Artist During Your Microblading Consultation

You’ve done your research and googled most reputable, licensed microblading artists near you, and you even a couple in mind. However, you have one more step in the process… talking with your potential artist at your microblading consultation. Therefore, knowing the right questions to ask during your microblading consultation can

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Microblading Near Me: Why Location Is Last For Choosing Your Artist

“Microblading near me” is the best way for you to find the closest microblading artist – that’s for sure. But finding the closest microblading artist is very different than finding the best microblading artist for you. It’s great when both happen, but it’s not always guaranteed. Let’s begin with one

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How Microblading Works Into Your Daily Routine

Over the past few years Microblading has emerged from “trend-worthy” to an accessible and viable beauty method in the esthetics industry. What began as a procedure that celebrities used, is now widely available to anyone looking to improve the shape and thickness of their brows. The best part is that

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