Eva of Natural Look By Eva offers the best Microblading services in the state of Illinois. Her
permanent makeup services are well sought after by the natives of Bolingbrook and surrounding
areas. She creates the most natural-looking, perfectly arched brows for her clients. The number
one question on the minds of most people looking to get a microblading procedure done is, “
How can I make my microbladed brows last longer?”

In this article, I will share a few aftercare tips with you. This blog post will also help you make
your microbladed brows last longer and stay bright. Failure to follow the suggestions in this blog
post can lead to scarring, pigment loss, and discoloration.

What are the Basic Rules of Microblading Aftercare?

After a microblading appointment, a person should take some precautions to prevent irritation
and complications. It is so important that you take care of your microbladed brows. The
aftercare routine is similar to tattoo aftercare but can be more intensive. It is always a good idea

  • Avoid wearing makeup as much as possible after getting the microblading procedure. If you
    have to, avoid the eyebrow area. Eva advises that her clients avoid makeup for the first 14 days
    following the microblading procedure.
  • It’s also important to avoid using any creams or ointments on the eyebrows while the eyebrow
    is in the healing process.
  • Eva also recommends avoiding excessive sun exposure as much as possible.
  • In addition, it’s also recommended that you avoid rubbing the area or scratching at the area around the
    eyebrow. The best thing about Eva’s microblading services is that her client’s don’t develop
    scabs. She provides with a special ointment along with the aftercare tips to help her clients heal
    naturally in a short time.
  • Avoid saunas, swimming in salt or chlorine water, and excessive sweating for the first fourteen
    days following the procedure. Most importantly, Eva recommends placing a special ointment on the brows before
    showering to protect the brows from getting wet.
    You can see a full list of Eva’s recommended aftercare tips here:

How Do I Maintain My Microblading Once It’s Healed?

The lifespan of your microbladed brows is heavily dependent on your lifestyle and skincare
routine. If you have oily skin, sweat a lot, swim, or expose the treated area to the sun regularly, it
is likely your microbladed brows won’t last very long. A great way to increase the lifespan of
your microbladed brows is to follow the aftercare tips listed above. Eva highly recommends
wearing sunscreen, especially during the summer season.

Another way to make your microbladed brows last longer is to schedule an appointment to get
a touch-up. Touch-ups are scheduled by the technician to keep your brows looking good. It’s
very common to lose up to 60% of the pigment used in the procedures after the healing
process. Touch-ups are scheduled to boost the colour of the brows. Touch-ups help to make the
brows darker, fill gaps and make the eyebrows better. Touch-ups are usually scheduled anytime
between 10 months and three years.

The effects of the touch-ups can last up to two years and depends on the skin and the aftercare
routine. Say goodbye to all those times and money you spent on eyebrow pencils, gels, and
powders trying to get a perfectly arched brow. Say yes to microbladed brows, a new convenient
way to get the brows of your dreams. Book an appointment with Eva today!

Outlining and planning for microblading procedure to create long lasting brows.
Attention to detail is one of Natural Look By Eva’s key traits for long lasting microblading brows.