Microblading. Tattoo or not?

Is microblading a tattoo? If it isn’t a tattoo, what is it? We get this question so often from our clients and this post aims to clarify this common question. Let’s look at a definition for microblading. Microblading is a cosmetic technique that uses a super-fine pen to insert pigment into the skin under the brows. Micobladed brows are not for everyone. A consultation will be needed to decide if the procedure is right for a client.


One major differences between microbladed brows and tattooed brows is that microbladed brows are not permanent. Tattooed brows on the other hand are. The ink used in the microbladed procedure is inserted not too below the skin of the brows. Over time the ink will fade and the brows will appear lighter. Microbladed brows on average can last between 1.5 years or two depending on the microblading specialist. Eva, Natural Look By Eva‘s technician consults with her clients first to give them all the information they need to know about the procedure, cost, requirements, aftercare and expectations. Clients can always return to get touch-ups to freshen their faded microbladed brows.


There are a lot more varieties in colours and types in microblading inks. While the ink for microblading fades over a year, it only gets lighter. The tone of the ink remains the same. The tone for tattooed brows, on the other hand, changes as the years passes. Microbladed brows continue to keep its natural look as it fades while tattoos often develop a green or blue tint when it starts to fade. Tattoed brows often look as though they were drawn on using a marker or Sharpie. This makes it not have the appearance of natural brows. Tattooed brows ink can also “bleed out” and change the shape of the eyebrows.


The needle used in the microblading procedure is fine to mimic the natural look and shape of each individual eyebrow hair. Eva is highly skilled and has been performing microbladed procedures for over a decade. She is one of the most sought after microbladed in Illinois. Her technique includes making brow like lines that blend in with the natural eyebrows to create a look that’s often indistinguishable from the real brows. Eva’s microbladed brows create a more natural end result compared to eyebrow tattooing, which results in brows that appear dark, drawn on and flat.


The choice between microbladed brows and tattooed brows is totally up to you. Before making a decision one should always weigh the pros and cons. Let’s sum up pros and cons of both.

Pros and Cons of Microblading


  • Microbladed brows are more natural-looking.
  • Microbladed brows are semi-permanent.
  • Microbladed brows are the best choice for someone who is looking to reshape your arches.
  • Microbladed brows will gradually, and look nice during the whole process.


  • The microbladed brows tend to last up to 2 years
  • The microbladed brows are more expensive than tattoed brows. This requires touch-ups.

Pros and Cons of Eyebrow Tattooing


  • Tattoed brows last a lifetime
  • Tattoed brows are cheaper than the microblading procedure


  • Tattoed brows can change color after a while.
  • Tattoed brows can become thicker in time because the ink might move and the shape of the brow may change.
  • Tattoed brows don’t look as natural as microbladed brows.

In closing, microbladed brows are different from tattooed brows. In the end, it all comes to your personal preferences and desires. There is no right or wrong choice.

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