How to choose the perfect color for microblading?

Microblading eyebrows add fullness, definition, and color to your brows. So you can easily select the microblading optimal pigment. Whenever you have over plucked or thin brows, the need for the same procedure is common to get a permanent solution.

Apart from that, if you don’t want to phase the hassles of shaping or filling the eyebrows daily, there is a practical option available for you. With the help of choosing colors for microblading, you can make a dramatic or subtle appearance as per your needs and demands.

But Wait, you are new to microblading things; therefore, it’s evident that you might be typing about “microblading near me” to find out the specialist who can choose the right color for you.

In general, you don’t require any such things when you have the support of us. We are here to tell you about everything related to the best eyebrows and the color selection. So without any further delay, let’s start talking about it in the below sections.

Fitzpatrick Scale:

If you are new to the eyebrow related things, you should understand that the Fitzpatrick scale is a famous and common method to choose the right eyebrow color. It’s a chart where you can see different hair color combinations, eye color, and skin color to identify the best shade for the microblading. Moreover, the same chart helps you identify the skin type with numbers. The number is based from 0 to 6. The lowest the number, the lightest skin type you have. The higher the number, the more you have the darkest skin type.

  • Type One: It contains Green Eyes, Red hair, and Light Skin.
  • Type two: It contains Blue eyes, Blond hair, and light skin.
  • Type Three: It contains Brown Eyes, Brown Hair, and medium skin.
  • Type Four: It contains Brow-black eyes, brown-black hair, and medium-dark skin.
  • Type Five: It contains Black eyes, Black hair, and Dark Skin.
  • Type 6: It contains black eyes, Black hair, and black skin.

By using these color charts, you can easily select the natural shades for your existing eyebrows. Else, the experts also use the same chart to prefer you the ideal color match.

Different Color Palettes:

Color palettes are the essential part of your microblading pigmentation, which helps you easily determine your eyebrows’ color. The different color palettes are divided into light, medium, and dark skin types.

Cool Palette:

If you have rosy or fair skin complexions, using a cool palette is evident in selecting the perfect eyebrows. With the cool palette, you can get various undertones options such as ultramarine to green or subtle ash-grey.

Most importantly, the cool palette doesn’t contain any red pigmentations type. After applying the cool palette, it will affect the brow’s color due to the undertones of your skin. The light brown and soft blonde look is evident in Cool Palette.

Neutral Palette:

If you have darker undertones or fair skin, the neutral palette is ideal. All the available colors in the neutral palette do have red pigmentation in it. With the darker fair skin, cadmium red or alizarin crimson are the red undertones that blend nicely. However, the fairest skin tones will get it over-pronounced.

Warm Palette:

Any female that have darker skin can consider the warm palette. Why? Because it’s reserved only for the darker skin with chocolate-colored undertones, umber or olive color. Apart from that, people also consider this palette who have a lack of brown hair category.

What are Other Important considerations to Choose color for Microblading?

You already know that Skin tone, Hair color, and eye color are the essential factors that match the eyebrow color. However, it’s also meaningful for you to know about the results.

For a solid eyebrow design, it might be useful to use a warm or neutral palette range. If you are considering lighter hair strokes, it’s good to select the cool palette’s best color. The artist would also select it from the cool palette for you when it’s about lighter hair strokes.

Besides that, the practitioner always undergoes the color match test to match your needs before starting the microblading process. More than 20 or 30 days is the minimum required to heal from the microblading procedure.

Throughout the time, you will see the eyebrows look different every day. In the starting, you will experience the bladed brows turns out to be darker. However, when the healing time passes, you will see the brows become lighten.

Finally, a minimum of two to three sessions is required to get the desired results to experience the best results of color for microblading. Schedule your microblading visit today! To view examples of Natural Look By Eva results visit our Instagram page!

Choosing The Right Microblading Color