If you’re worried about looking like Groucho Marx… we hear your cries! Believe us when we say this, you do not want to look like him. We understand that there are a lot of horror stories about microblading artists and their work. Will your brows look like Croucho Marx? Absolutely not! That’s why it is important to find a microblading artist that is experienced and can create very natural results. Our next question is… How do I find an artist who can deliver confidence in my brows by achieving a very natural and subtle look? Look no further than Eva. Proudly serving the Chicagoland area, Eva is your premier Microblading specialist. She prides herself in providing excellent service.


We know there are a lot of articles out there where this has become a thing due to some artists’ immediate microbladed results. The brows they’re referring to look extra dark and abnormal. To be honest, this shouldn’t happen. What I mean by shouldn’t happen, I mean they shouldn’t be too dark to the point where you’re scared when you look in the mirror.

After your initial consultation, we will determine a brow color that is a little darker than your natural hair color. Within the first six to eight weeks after your procedure, the pigment will start to fade and become more subtle giving you perfect brows that look naturally beautiful and still maintain that freshly microbladed look for years to come!


Achieving the perfect brow shape takes a great deal of skill, expertise and experience. It’s a meticulous process that requires precise placement to achieve the desired look. It is well worth it to spend a little extra time with your brows and get the best results possible.

For images of my work that is NOT an example of Groucho Marx eyebrows but instead beautiful-looking and curated eyebrows visit my Instagram or view my image gallery.