Have you considered microblading safeness? Get expert advice from Eva. Eva is a licensed esthetician and permanent makup artist. She is the owner of Natural Look By Eva located in Bolingbrook, IL.

When it comes to eyebrows, fuller darker brows are in. Some people are blessed with perfectly shaped eyebrows. However, chances are your reality involves tweezing, plucking, waxing, and tinting. This is in addition to filling in your eyebrows daily. Eyebrow microblading is a semi-permanent technique where a special pen is used to create the appearance of individual hairs. This has become a popular solution to getting fuller brows. But how safe is microblading? This article aims to bring clarity and more.

Eva’s Process is 100% Safe!

As with any procedure that involves using a blade or a needle, the process can lead to infection. However, Eva has been specializing in microblading for years. Her years of experience have allowed her to develop and master her unique technique. Eva’s techniques is highly sought after by many Illinois locals. You can rest assure that your eyebrows and microblading experience will be handled by a veteran professional. Read more about her experience here. Visit her Instagram to view examples of her work.

Most importantly, prior to the procedure begins, Eva offers an initial consultation. In the consultation, she will go over the shape of the eyebrow. The client can ask as many questions about the procedure. For example, pre-care, and aftercare questions. Safety is also her highest priority and you can read more about her policies here. You can read about her pre-care and aftercare tips, visit: https://www.naturallookbyeva.com/ or ask your questions here! Lastly, if you’re ready, we’ll love to see you, schedule your appointment!

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