Over the past few years Microblading has emerged from “trend-worthy” to an accessible and viable beauty method in the esthetics industry. What began as a procedure that celebrities used, is now widely available to anyone looking to improve the shape and thickness of their brows. The best part is that you don’t have to have a celebrity lifestyle to work microblading into your beauty routine or your day to enjoy the benefits it has to offer!

It Shaves Time Off Your Morning Routine

 Social media is full of talented make-up artists and their make-up tutorials are both incredibly informative and entertaining. However, there is good reason that most are time-lapsed. Achieving a flawless look with a perfect, trendy, made-up brow takes great lighting, patience, and time… lots of it, even for professional make-up artists. But with microbladed or ombréd eyebrows you don’t have to spend your morning sweating your eyebrow game or be a make-up pro. Allow yourself those extra minutes of downtime each morning that would have been spent stressing over filler and arch shapes and know your brows are already on point.

It Fits Seamlessly into Your Beauty and Skincare Regimen

Knowledge is power and that is certainly no exception in the beauty industry. Microblading can complement and work within your existing beauty regiment, you just need to know a few basic guidelines to get the most out of your microblading experience.


Refrain from chemical peels, glycolic acid products, and similar products two weeks before your appointment and do not resume any such treatments along with any bleaching products and retinol products up to one month following your appointment.  Facials in general can resume two weeks afterward. Ensure your esthetician knows you’ve had or will have a microblading treatment and book your fabulous facials accordingly.

Brow & Lashes

Pause any waxing and tinting two weeks before your treatment along with any brow growth serums.

Your Eyebrows Will Be Working Hard Even When You Are Not

Life is messy, constant, and doesn’t wait around for anyone to get their eyebrows just right. Even the most attentive cosmetic maven will be caught completely without make-up… the gym, the pool, that quick trip to the store. However, it can all be done looking fresh-faced without all the hassle of constant make-up application. The trick is, keeping the basics polished and fresh, like your eyebrows of course! Microbladed and ombréd brows add just the right amount of perfection while looking natural and maintained.

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