It’s been known that the beauty industry can lead people to have higher self-esteem, experience more joy in life, and a greater sense of satisfaction.  This, in turn, can give you an edge in your career and in finding new opportunities.  You may have read articles and studies of people opting for cosmetic surgery and dramatically became much happier and more successful in their careers. While this does not apply to everyone, it does apply to a lot of people. 

Here are some quick links showcasing such examples.

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“Most Patients Enjoy a Boost in Happiness and Self Esteem After Plastic Surgery, Study Concludes”

While microblading is nothing close to the extent of plastic surgery, it is an elegant way to enhance what you already have. It also brings out the best features (specifically the eyebrows) which are already a part of you.  Microblading is an extremely safe, hassle-free, and cost-effective way to make small changes that can deliver a big impact on your self-esteem, mood, and satisfaction.  You can walk out after a microblading session in an average of three hours, and already feel the dramatic change that a microblading procedure can do.  The recovery time is a fraction of what it takes to recover from a procedure like those done with plastic surgery.

We live in a world where everything is so fast-paced.  The average attention span for most people can be as little as a few seconds.  People make snapshot decisions by just taking a few glances at a person.  While this is unfortunate, you can’t change other people’s behavior.  However, you can ensure you present your best first impression with confidence!  Microblading can give you this edge.

If your eyebrows bother you, it’s not wrong to touch them up.  After all, it’s your eyebrows and you’re free to do whatever you want with them.  You can have eyebrows go through microblading and turn them into one of the best features you have.  It would be one less thing to worry or be self-conscious about. 

Imagine having to do a presentation in front of a room full of executives.  You want to spend all your energy, focus, and attention on your presentation and not have any self-doubt or thoughts due to some features about you that you may feel a little insecure about.  When you’re able to put all your efforts into the presentation without an ounce of thought on anything else, you become fearless, confident, and strong in ways that people can sense in you.  This may be the edge that leads to you delivering a memorable and powerful presentation.  It can provide you with that opportunity to win big at your job and open new opportunities.

When people glance at you funny or make a comment, or something didn’t happen the way you expect it.  Instead of thinking it’s something about you, you can have the confidence to know that is not you, but perhaps it’s what you’re doing that needs to be addressed.  You can then improve on your work and in turn, deliver better results next time. Over time, this can lead to a promotion.  You would not waste time thinking and focusing on the wrong things. 

Overall, I’m not saying that microblading will make all your dreams come true or that everything will happen your way effortlessly.  For the reasons stated, microblading can give you a competitive advantage no matter what industry or job you work in because it takes out one thing to be less concerned about.  It returns your focus to all your efforts on what it takes to do quality work and advance your career.  It can also help boost your happiness, self-esteem, mood, and self-confidence.  All the traits you need to enjoy your job and do it well. 

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Successful career woman with microblading
Microblading can make you feel better and can even improve your career and present new opportunities!