The busy holiday season begins!

The holiday season is upon us for 2022.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Christmas is only a few weeks after that!  This time of year is very busy and hectic for most people with all the family gatherings and gift buying.  Here at Natural Look By Eva, we understand that this may cause a lot of stress, and finding enough time to accomplish everything that you need to get done seems almost impossible.

Easy and Fast Booking!

Luckily, we thought of every possible thing that can make your microblading and ombre brow visit as seemly and stress-free as possible.  Booking is quick and efficient.  You can call or even text me at (708) 268-4642 for an appointment!  It’s as simple as that!  Just provide me with your name, the time you’ll like to visit, and what you’ll like to get done.  I can book up to just 24 hours before your visit! Exclusions would be Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Day.  

Easy Access Location Makes Your Life As Easy As Possible!

The microblading and ombre brow studio is conveniently located in The Promenade Bolingbrook shopping center in the surrounding building at 619 E. Boughton Rd. Room #9 Bolingbrook, IL 60440.  It is not inside the mall, but conveniently outside.  There is no hassle to go into the mall. So you won’t have to deal with “people traffic” and walk around to find my microblading studio.  Parking is only an eye-glance away and right next to my studio. This allows you to easily jump right out of your car and into the studio! This is defintely a big deal during the cold months of December through February!  However, if you need to get gifts or get other chores done, the mall is easily within your reach so you can stop by the mall before or after your appointment without having to make additional trips!

The procedure is fast and efficient on average depending on the procedure should be just about an hour.  Eva has honed her process to provide the very best quality of service without sacrificing time and quality.

Feel and Look Your Best During This Holiday Season!

As you make plans for the holiday season, don’t forget to treat yourself and look and feel fabulous for all the family and work gatherings.  There’s no better way to do this than to bring out your best facial features and look stunning and have your eyebrows in perfect form.  There’s no better way to start this holiday season and you won’t be disappointed!

Combo Brows, Best Value For Your Holiday Spending Dollars!

Eva’s recommendation is to get the combo brow.  It is the most popular service she has to offer.  It is long-lasting and will last you past the holiday season and easily into 2023.  In addition, since budgets may be tight, the combo brow is the most cost-effective way to get your eyebrows looking perfect and the best bang for your buck leaving more money for you to spend on your friends and family!

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