Making Time For Your Brows As A Busy Mom

To all the busy moms out there, we understand your pain!  There’s never enough time in the day and juggling everything is very hard!  At Natural Look By Eva, we get a lot of patrons that are busy moms and we want to offer some ideas on how to make time for yourself (and your brows) from other moms that share your situation!

Nearby Children Friendly Amenities For Your Child

One of the toughest challenges busy moms face when booking a microblading or ombre brow visit is what to do with the children.  Unfortunately, the studio isn’t kid’s friendly as they may get bored and there may not be any adult supervision.  However, Natural Look By Eva is right next to one of the best shopping malls, The Promenade Bolingbrook, in the suburbs!  There are many children-friendly stores and restaurants for a child (accompanied by another adult) to visit and explore while you are getting your appointment.  If you’re able to bring a spouse or another adult to the visit, they can take the child into the mall and surrounding shops.  

Specific Fun Places For Your Child At The Promenade Bolingbrook

For children-friendly places we recommend:

  • Children’s In-Door Play Area – Free!
  • Children’s Out-Door Play Area – Free!
  • Sully’s Abode – Coming Soon, but will offer popular card games such as Pokemon.
  • Pro Bass Shops – Located across the mall and features a huge fish tank with various specifies of fish to look at!  It is a themed superstore with a lot of things to look at!
  • Escape Hour Room – For children that are a little older but this place can offer an experience a child can remember and cherish!
  • Macy’s – Large department store that offers a lot of toys and children’s clothes as well as other household items for children.
  • Barnes & Noble – Tons of children’s books, games, and toys.
  • Star Cinema Grill – Child-friendly movie theater with a kid’s menu so they can catch a movie and lunch too!

So as you can see, there are a lot of activities that are children friendly and will keep them active and excited while you come in for your appointment!  Make your microblading or combo brow appointment a family day at the mall and you will not have to worry that your child will get bored. In fact, they may ask when the next appointment will be so they can enjoy more time at the festivities mentioned above!

Reduce Your Brow Appointments By Going With Combo Brows

Being a mom is hard and your time is precious.  Let Natural Look By Eva treat you and get you to feel and look your best!  Because time is hard to find you want to make the most out of your appointment.  Eva recommends the combo brow because it creates the longest-lasting brows which will allow you to spread the appointments further apart.  You can easily book your next microblading, ombre brow, or combo brow appointment simply by calling or texting Eva at (708) 268-4642.

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