Since you clicked on this post I know you’re curious about Eyebrow Transplants. Let’s answer the very first question. Is eyebrow transplant even a thing? The short answer is yes. This blog will dive into eyebrow plants and discover the cost, the benefits, and everything you need to know.

So what are eyebrow Transplants?

According to Yael Halaas, a New York City-based certified plastic surgeon, ” It’s when the fine hairs from the back of the head are removed by either a small linear scar or through tiny little circles around the base of each individual hair follicle and then placed into small, very carefully designed sites in the eyebrow [area]”

Once the hair grafts are removed from the back of the head, they’re placed in a storage container filled with saline solution for up to an hour before they are implanted in your eyebrows by the surgeon.

Who are eyebrow transplants for?

There are several reasons why someone might consider getting an eyebrow transplant. Some of the reasons include correcting scarring around the brow area, tumors, correcting burns around the eyebrow area, hair loss, and other hair/skin conditions. Some persons may opt to get transplants to change the way their brow looks.

What’s the cost to get an eyebrow transplant?

The cost to get an eyebrow transplant done depends on a few factors like where a person lives, how many grafts are needed, health insurance, and other factors. The average cost of eyebrow transplants in the USA starts as low as $3000 USD and can cost as much as $5000 USD.

Are there any risks or side effects?

The actual procedure is very similar to getting a hair transplant. There are possible risks or side effects that can be associated with getting this procedure. These risks include, the hair growing in patches, having your eyebrows misaligned due to the anesthesia positions your brows unnaturally during the procedure, and hair growing in different directions or having different textures. Major side risks include getting an infection, terrible scarring, bruising, and swelling after the procedure. This should not deter you from getting the procedure done because most are successful and patients usually see good results within the first two years of getting the procedure.

How should you prepare for an eyebrow transplant?

Your surgeon will give you advice on how to prepare for an eyebrow transplant. Most surgeons suggest that you avoid anticoagulants like Motrin and Aspirin before getting the surgery. Some also advise that you avoid excessive sun exposure.

Final Thoughts:

Eyebrow transplant uses your hair from the back of your head to increase brow thickness and give you your desired eyebrow shape. The procedure aims to improve the look and density of the brow. If you’re considering getting an eyebrow transplant, consultant a plastic surgeon or eyebrow specialist.

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