5 Microblading Facts That Will Shatter Your Assumptions

5 Microblading Facts That Will Shatter Your Assumptions

There’s a lot of microblading facts that people hold true without proper research. It’s always important to do extensive research on the pros and cons of any body-altering procedure before actually getting it done. If you are currently considering getting a microblading procedure on your eyebrows, keep reading. 

What is Microblading? Eyebrow microblading is a semi-permanent procedure where a handheld eyebrow pen is used to deposit ink into the skin under the eyebrow hairs. Why would anyone consider getting this procedure? This procedure provides a hassle-free solution to spending hours penciling in your eyebrows daily. Microblading is also great for persons who wish to change the shape of their eyebrows. For example, if your eyebrows are naturally thin but you desire to have a thicker/fuller look, you could consider getting the procedure done. Below are 5 common assumptions that prospective microblading clients may have.

Assumption #1: It’s Permanent and will never fade. 

Truth is it isn’t permanent. Microbladed eyebrows can last anywhere between two to three years and this depends on the skin type, exposure to the sun, and the products being used on the face. 

Assumption #2: The microblading process is unbearable. 

The process is very similar to getting a tattoo but should not be confused with getting your eyebrows tattooed on. The procedure is surprisingly not painful which comes at a shock to most first time clients. Here at Natural Look by Eva, the client starts with a 1-hour consultation where they get to see and approve the shape of the eyebrows. Once the shape is approved, the numbing process begins and lasts for about 15 minutes. Then, the microblading procedure begins and that can last up to 4 hours. A touch-up procedure is required 6-8 weeks after the first appointment. Such procedures lasts around 2 hours. Clients can opt to get a colour boost a year later at a discount of 50% off the original price. This yearly upkeep is optional and the brows normally last 2-3 years. 

Assumption #3: Microblading works on all skin types

Eva, our professional licensed esthetician and microblading expert recommends microblading on all skin types except very oily skin. It is those with large pores or skin that has a tendency to keloid. Persons with very oily skin type are recommended to get the ombre brow procedure instead as they will get better results and the brows last longer.

Assumption #4: The healing time is almost immediate

It is important to note that the healing time after the procedure is done can vary. But on average it can take up to 14 days. After care procedures include washing the area with a damp cloth every hour for the first 24 hours and applying eyebrow ointment to the brows and sealing it with a saran wrap before bedtime. After the first 24 hours, the client should wash the brows only twice a day and apply a very thin layer of ointment after each wash. The client should also try to avoid excessive exposure to sunlight for the first three weeks. The UV rays from the sun can cause the eyebrow to fade quicker.

Avoid using makeup for a minimum of 12-14 days during the healing process. Avoid direct shower water on the brows after procedure. Do not tan for at least 30 days after getting the procedure done. Clients should avoid grooming their pets, gardening, cleaning or anything that may cause dust and dander the first 3 days after the procedure. One of the reasons why our microblading procedure at Natural Look by Eva is so sought after is the fact that our clients don’t get scabs during the healing process.

Assumption #5:  You can get an allergic reaction

Eva is a professional licensed esthetician who was trained at a top school in Europe and has years of experience in microblading. Her techniques developed over the years which makes her so great at what she does. Eva’s process is very gentle and she uses only the best eyebrow pigment. The Phi pigment in her microblading technique so there is no allergic reaction. 

In conclusion, microblading is a semi-permanent solution to having perfect eyebrows. There are a lot of misconception “microblading facts” on the internet and without proper research this can lead to problems. The process involves using a hand-held microblade tool with needles, the procedure is very similar to getting a tattoo. Like any other procedures, it has its risks and benefits. So, it is very important to be aware of both before deciding to go along with the procedure. Natural Look by Eva is one of the best Microblading Service Providers in Illinois. Call or text to book an appointment today. 

Email: eva@naturallookbyeva.com
Phone: +1 708 268 4642

The Natural Look By Eva Microblading Process Explained

The microblading process is very critical for you, the client, to understand. At Natural Look By Eva, I want you to love your microblading and in order to do that, you have to first be confident in not only the results, but how they are achieved. I also want you to be confident that this is right for you. I have made available all of the microblading precare information for clients considering the service so you can be comfortable you’re in good hands.

Below you can find the microblading process I use so you can be sure you are getting high quality, premium microblading and that you are in good hands. Head over to the microblading services page to learn even more about your options.

Microblading Process Explained


Before we begin your microblading, I do a full on consultation for you. This is meant to make sure that I can give you the exact look you are going for. This includes discussing things like:

  • Shape
  • Design
  • Thickness
  • Color
  • And more

This is the most crucial part of the service and one that is often overlooked. YOU must be happy with YOUR results.

Microblading Process natural look by eva
The microblading process at Natural Look By Eva can give you a variety of looks.

Which is why it’s normal for me and you to spend 1 hour or even more making sure you are satisfied. We don’t move forward until you are happy and ready. And don’t worry – if you are not fully sure, I will use my expertise to help guide you and make recommendations based on my more than two decades of experience.


Your comfortability is priority #1 at Natural Look By Eva. In order to maximize that for you, I use numbing before we begin. This is solely for your own comfort and not a requirement in the microblading process. This part of the service takes approximately 20 minutes in total.

The Actual Microblading

It comes as a surprise to some people that the actual microblading doesn’t even occur until the very end. That is done with you in mind. It is also why I have such strong reviews. Depending on the detail and the design you want, this usually lasts anywhere from 60 – 90 minutes. But this is all dependent on your needs and is subject to change.

Once your work is complete and you are happy, we will then schedule your six-week touch up where we make sure that the design is exactly as you wanted it now that your eyebrows have healed.

A Microblading Process You Can Trust

Your next steps are to simply schedule your appointment or get in touch with any questions using the contact page. You can also view all of the microblading aftercare now that you have learned about my process to even further help you make the right decision. prework

I’d love to chat further about your microblading options and how the microblading process can benefit you. Looking forward to speaking with you!

The Microblading Healing Process EXPLAINED: Day By Day Progression

The microblading healing process is often misunderstood and but there are many resources out there to turn to that you can trust. In this article, I’m going to lay out your expected microblading healing process across a reasonable time span that reflects what I typically see in my clients. 

If you’d like to know more specifically about microblading services available to you, check out the microblading services page.

There are a variety of factors that can change the outcome of your microblading appointment – here are some examples of commons factors:

  • Skin Type
  • Whether You’ve Had Previous Cosmetic Work Done
  • Age

But regardless of where you are on the spectrum of any of these considerations, it’s very important you educate yourself on the healing process so you know what to expect. But you also want to be familiar with the process so you can maximize your results. Below I have listed out your expected appointment experience.

If you’d like to see either the official Precare or the Aftercare guidelines I give to all my clients so they can refer to the documentation at a convenient time for them, follow either of the links below:

Microblading Healing Process: Day 1 to 2

Day 1: The first day your freshly microbladed eyebrows are approximately 50% darker than they will be once they are fully healed. If you have some light to moderate swelling and/or redness, that’s totally normal. This is one of the reasons your microblading looks darker in the first place.

Additionally, you can expect low levels of swelling but it’s worth noting this won’t be very visible. But this will correct itself naturally. After a few days, exfoliation kicks off which causes any of the extra pigment around your brows to flake off. This will in turn reflect a slightly more slim brow design. Again, this is to be expected and it’s important to trust the healing process if immediately after you feel your brows have too much width.

Exfoliation, which begins in a few days, will cause the excess pigment surrounding the eyebrow to flake away and a more narrow appearance will result. As your skin naturally continues to heal, it will result in a softer look and over time, your brows will settle on your original design we created for you the day of your appointment.

Day 2: This will resemble similar things you experienced Day 1. Nothing to fear! It’s important you let the healing process do it’s job.

Microblading Healing Process: Day 3 to 7

Day 3: This is where exfoliation typically begins. You’ll also notice your brows will likely become itchy. Resist the urge to scratch them. You’ll also notice more texture on your brows.

Day 4: Exfoliation and flaking becomes noticeable. The center of your brows will be the last to flake and it will begin on the outer most edges. Again, do not pick at your brows and let your skin heal naturally.

Day 5-6: A very important note here – many clients experience brows seeming more “gray” at this stage. THIS IS NORMAL. The color will intensify over the next few days.

Day 7: Now that the first week is complete, you’ll notice the very bold look has subsided as expected. over the course of the next couple days, your overall brows will likely seem a shade or so lighter than where they’ll end up once they are fully healed.

Microblading Healing Process: Day 8 to 30

Day 8-10: Your final brow color makes it’s first early appearance.

Day 11-30: over the coming 2 weeks or so, this process will keep solidifying. As your skin heals, it will lock in that color so be sure to protect your investment and let nothing compromise your brows reaching their fullest potential.

Day 30: You are well on your way to your 6 week touch up. Keep an eye on anything you want addressed or would like to talk about. I can help guide you should we both feel very minor corrections should be made. But in most cases, things are going perfectly as I like to thoroughly prepare all y clients. No one likes surprises – especially on their face! Hopefully you enjoyed this and feel more prepared to talk on your microblading appointment.

Microblading Healing Process: Next Steps

You’ve successfully completed your first month of healing with your beautiful new brows – well done! And if you are a someone who is interested in brows and just read that to learn, you can get in touch with me via the information on the contact page. I’d love to chat further about your microblading options, your next steps, and how to give you the brows you’ve always dreamed of.

Feel free to email me directly using this link: eva@naturallookbyeva.com . I look forward to meeting you!

Microblading Chicago Illinois & Everything You Need To Know

“The very first thing I did was go to my computer and google ‘Microblading Chicago Illinois’ hoping the answer would be out there. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m thankful I found you though.”

This is a common story of my local clients in the Chicago Illinois area who are seeking microbladed eyebrows for a more youthful look with a natural approach. I’ve talked about this similarly in the blog outlining the 3 reasons you deserve microblading if you’re in the Chicago area.

But this blog in particular is going to be all about what you should know about this very popular, semi-permanent brow solution from my experience Microblading Chicago Illinois clients and my extensive history in the beauty industry. 

What Is Microblading

Microblading is a semi-permanent solution for those looking for a more full set of eyebrows. There’s many reasons someone may want this and should pursue microblading. The most common thing my clients say to me is that it saves them a lot time from the typical makeup routine which gives them more time to spend in ways they choose to.

Another important thing clients mention is achieving a more natural, beautiful look but without their microblading being too obvious. My approach to microblading makes sure to highlight the natural shape of your face. Microblading is the process of recreating your natural hair you already have but using a microblading tool. If done properly, this tool is designed to make the hair strokes I create indistinguishable from your existing brow hair.

The use of this tool requires certification and training – both of which I have a large amount of through my many years in this industry. You can learn more about me as an artist on the about the artist page. How we make sure to get you exactly the brows you want is through the consultation process which is at the very start of your appointment. It’s important you know that I don’t do any of the microblading work until I have a clearly defined shape for your brows that you are comfortable with. This brings us to more about the appointment. 

What Is the Appointment Like?

Most are usually surprised how much time goes into the design you want your brows to take the shape of. This part of the appointment takes however much time you need until you are happy. It typically takes a  considerable amount of the appointment because my clients actually begin to enjoy that stage once they see how fun it is co-creating their perfect look with a microblading professional like myself. 

Once you are happy with the shape, the rest of the time is spent on the actual microblading process. Depending on how bold or what shape you want after that initial consultation we start with, the time varies. It can last anywhere from 45 minutes to even 90 minutes. What is most important to me is making sure you are happy. And for something that lasts the better part of a year at minimum, I am very thorough and precise to really make sure your investment in your beauty will last and that the strokes deliver the ink properly into the skin.

Right now, for both classic microblading and ombre brows microblading will cost $499. Check out the microblading services page for more information about your microblading options. And if you are unsure which option is right for you, don’t worry! I’m here to help you with that. It might be useful for you to view my microblading portfolio so you can get a feel for what results typically look like – below is a sample of that page.

Microblading Chicago Illinois natural look by eva microblading portfolio

After that, you are set to show off your new brows! It’s very common for clients to schedule their 6 week touch up after that initial appointment is done. I will then explain to you the necessary next steps, how to properly care for your brows and make sure they heal correctly to maximize results. This brings us to the next thing you need to know – aftercare.  

Microblading Aftercare

Microblading Chicago Illinois clients for years now has given me unique insight as to how to best take care of your brows – especially in Chicago’s seasonal weather fluctuations. For instance, one of the most important things to do once you get your microblading is protect them from the sun. Your fresh brows are susceptible to the sun’s harsh rays and could fade if you don’t follow the aftercare procedures carefully.

There are many other considerations you should keep in mind to protect your brows. I have outlined them at length on my microblading aftercare page I created for you. Choosing the right artist is very important due to not all skill levels being equal. This will impact your results. You also need to be sure your artist has all the proper training and safety certifications.

I specialize in skin care and am a trained esthetician which gives me a unique toolset to blend a mastery of the art needed with microblading as well as a deep understanding of proper facial skincare. So you can trust me to help you follow the optimal aftercare procedures and I’m always available if you need to know anything.

Next Steps For Your Microblading

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have after your review this information, your aftercare procedures, any of my client work, or anything else in general. I will make sure you are full informed and guide you to ensure your investment in your beauty lasts as long as possible.

That’s what makes microblading such a great option for Microblading Chicago Illinois clients and in other neighboring areas clients come to me from:

It’s a cost effective solution that often replaces a fair amount of your makeup routine.

You can reach me anytime if you’d like to discuss your options through my contact page. I look forward to hearing from you and am excited to join you on your beauty journey for your perfect pair of microbladed eyebrows.

Microblading Chicago: 3 Reasons Why You Need Microbladed Eyebrows

In order for you to fully understand my drive to serve Chicago microblading clients, it’s crucial we delve into 3 main reasons why Natural Look By Eva is so well suited to offer microblading to the greater Chicago community and more specifically, you.

1. My Passion For Microblading Chicago Clients

Being born and raised in the Czech Republic, I knew that establishing a thriving microblading salon focusing especially on Chicago microblading clients was particularly important to me. Chicago is rich with cultural and ethnic diversity – something I can fully appreciate having moving to the US 20 years ago.

You can read more about my background, story, and training as a microblading artist here.

The Windy City has treasures ranging from the Taste of Chicago to hosting the world’s second largest collection of impressionist paintings second only to Paris. If there’s one thing I can assure you without you reading a sentence further, it’s that my goal is to create an approachable environment you feel comfortable and excited about pursuing your beauty goals. Many clients describe how comfortable they are with me which is so crucial to microblading.

There needs to be trust.

And as someone who has experienced many cultures, I feel very privileged to serve all Chicago microblading clients and want to assure you that my number 1 goal is to connect with you.

Regardless of wherever you are in your microblading journey. Regardless of wherever you’re from in the world. We share a common goal of enhancing your natural beauty with natural-looking microbladed eyebrows. You can view more details regarding microblading services offered so we can get started as soon as you’re comfortable.

2. Microblading Chicago & The Link To Female Empowerment

Not only is Chicago a beautifully diverse melting pot of people, it also is a hot spot for female business owners and entrepreneurs. As if it wasn’t proof enough using Natural Look By Eva as an example of a byproduct of that, this idea is embedded into the very core of who I am and what my business is about. It doesn’t mean you need to own a business to want to feel empowered, though. That fact that Chicago remains one of the most friendly cities in the country for female entrepreneurs speaks volumes to how this city values women and why it’s so important we continue to cultivate it. Below is a quote from one of the many publications speaking to the level of female empowerment in Chicago:

With 123,632 women business owners, Chicago is third on the list both in terms of women business owners and general population. Chicago’s large business community can be attributed in part to its many professional and educational institutions as well as to a decent tourism industry, which impacts everything from shopping to food. The city has also seen growth in female owned engineering and tech firms in recent years.

Small Biz Trends

I believe strongly that as women, we need to encourage and build each other up. Through my years of experience microblading Chicago residents, I’ve found how appreciate my clients are not just because of their results, but because of how much it dramatically improved things beyond microblading. I explain everything you need to know about microblading in Chicago if you are considering this beauty service and want more information. Most are surprised to witness first hand the benefits of not feeling the persistent need to put on makeup before the world sees your face. A recent client once put it perfectly in a review:

Microblading gave me the gift of finally feeling ‘good enough’ naturally. I no longer reached for the brow pen. I even noticed I wore significantly less makeup overall. It really did boost my confidence in ways I never saw coming. Thank you, Eva for all you’ve done for me beyond your amazing microblading work!

3. Giving Lost Time Back To My Microblading Chicago Clients

Chicago continues to be the third largest city in the United States. It’s no surprise this comes with perks but also comes with downsides. Many clients come to Natural By Eva and express how desperate they are to have their mornings back or how sick they are of looking for tricks to put on makeup faster.

I work with many women to give them the brows of their dreams but what most of my clients have in common is their busy schedule. Whether work or personal, so many of us are always on the go. And with such jam-packed schedules, anywhere you can find an extra precious handful of minutes, especially in the morning, it’s a big deal. Not to mention the amount of stress and anxiety many clients expressed was eating away at them to perfect their brow shape and shade each morning.

I want you to try this exercise in your head with me as you read this. Be honest in your answers:

  1. How many minutes a day to you spend on your brows and your makeup overall?
  2. How many days a week, on average, do you do this?

Now take your answer from Question (1) and multiply it by your answer from Question (2). Take a serious look at that number and consider the things you value most. What would you trade to get all those minutes back? To really take this to the next level, multiply your weekly number by 52 to get the amount of minutes a year you spend on things one fun & simple microblading appointment can solve.

With Natural Look By Eva microblading services, you no longer have to choose between focusing on your busy schedule and your natural beauty. Let me help you make the most of both!

You can contact me directly to book an appointment. Or if you want to call or text questions, you can also do that. If you would like to read more to get more comfortable with microblading, please consider my pre-care & after-care requirements. I hope to speak to you soon. Feel free to call with questions or to book your microblading appointment now: +1 708 268 4642 or email me here.

Microblading Naperville The Natural Look By Eva Way

Microblading Naperville and any woman seeking to boost their confidence has always been an important mission for me. But I wasn’t always in this quant, gorgeous town. I wasn’t always in the heart of the US – Or the United States at all for that matter.

Microblading Naperville & The Journey

I was originally born and raised in the Czech Republic. You can read more about how this has impacted my drive to serve Chicago microblading clients here. In 1998 I made a decision that I wanted to pursue my own version of the American Dream. It’s this concept that we make our own fortune and control our own destiny that I try daily to ensure is the core of Natural Look By Eva. All of the microblading services offered to you are genuinely there to serve one purpose:

To Empower You.

Once I was in the States I hit the ground running. I trained with some of the best microbladers in the world and really became committed to perfecting my craft. I was always drawn to Chicago due to the opportunity, diversity of people & culture, as well as the general open-mindedness of everyone here. But I still wanted the small town appeal to match the Czech Republic I’ll always love even over two decades later. Ultimately Microblading Naperville became an easy choice to plant Natural Look By Eva. I think Naperville’s own site says it best:

Located 28 miles west of Chicago, Naperville, Ill., consistently ranks as a top community in the nation in which to live, raise children and retire. This vibrant, thriving city is home to acclaimed public and parochial schools, the best public library system in the country, world-class parks, diverse worship options, an array of healthcare options and an exceptionally low crime rate. Naperville has ready access to a variety of public transportation, housing and employment options. The city’s diversified employer base features high technology firms, retailers and factories, as well as small and home-based businesses. With all the amenities of a modern city and all the charm of a small town, Naperville truly is the premiere community in which to live, work and play.

Source: Naperville.Il.Us

I couldn’t be more proud of the work I’ve been able to do microblading Naperville and be apart of the many journeys to restoring confidence. Are you in the Naperville, Illinois area or greater Chicago and have been considering microblading? You can contact me directly to book an appointment. Or if you want to call or text questions, you can also do that. I’ve listed the pre-care & after-care requirements on the site for your convenience if that helps you make an informed decision. Looking forward to talking with you!

Microblading For Eyebrows vs. Ombre Brows: Which Microblading For Me?

Microblading for eyebrows is becoming a more popular concept for the everyday woman. At first many dubbed it as a fad, but microblading in 2019 has only become more accepted with the trends looking as if they’ll continue in 2020. The topic of this post is to highlight easily my most asked question when a new client who is interested after seeing the hundreds of positive microblading reviews vouching for the work I do which is:

“What’s the difference between the microblading for eyebrows ombre powder and which one is best for me?”

So if you’ve been considering microblading for your eyebrows but have questions as to whether it’s right for you, you’re in the right spot! We’ll answer that and also be explaining our ombre brows service so you know which microblading service to pick that gives you the most natural look.

Microblading For Eyebrows Breakdown: Classic Microblading

Microblading for eyebrows has increased in popularity because it helps so many women save so much time getting that natural brow shape and color they stress getting on a daily basis. Now, microblading can achieve that for you and last perfectly for the better part of a year!

I give you the brows of your dreams using a hand-held tool using the renown PhiBrows method. This process focuses on creating many hair-like strokes that match perfectly your natural brow hairs. The color comes from implanting pigment strokes under the skin using the tool. I’ve helped hundreds of women ditch their brow pencil as the idea is microblading is that it’s meant to replicate individual hairs so you no longer need to fill any portions of your brow in.

Who Is It Best For:

Microblading is the perfect solution for just about anyone looking for more consistently full eyebrows on a daily basis without all the hassle their typical brow-filling routine takes. More specifically:

  • If you have thin or patchy brows
  • If you prefer subtly in your eyebrow shape
  • Your eyebrow design and look is important, but there are other parts of your makeup routine you focus on.

If you prioritize your eyebrows and focus heavily on making sure they are just right, my ombre eyebrow service is the right option for you. Keep reading on if that sounds like you!

Ready to get your perfect brows via my classic microblading service? Contact me directly today to set up your consultation and appointment. Or if you have other questions like microblading cost or other microblading FAQs, check out the blog where I answer in-depth many common questions.

Microblading For Eyebrows Breakdown: Ombre Brows

microblading for eyebrows
ombre brows have a feathery touch

For clients who opt for the Ombre brows microblading service, their results will have more of a “powder” aesthetic. This is why they are notoriously referred to as “ombre powder brows“. This method involves the meticulous application of many “dots” inserted into the skin. Both microblading classic and ombre brows requires careful precision, but ombre in particular due to it not relying on strokes. These very small dots are not visible to the naked eye and gradually build into being identical to the natural flow and shape of your natural hairs.

Who Is It Best For?

Ombre Brows are best for those who want a little extra care and attention to their eyebrows. This extreme attention to detail and careful application of the pigment gives clients a bolder brow look while still being elegantly beautiful and looking natural. Not all skins types work with classic microblading – but this option is your answer for that especially if you have sensitive or more oily skin. More specifically this service is perfect for:

  • Oily skin types
  • Regular user of brow pencils
  • Focus more heavily on your brows

Refer to my microblading service page if you want more details about your options.

Microblading For Your Eyebrows: You Deserve It

Not sure if microblading or ombré is best for you? Check out my services page or better yet, let me answer any questions you may have about your skin type and you brow goals so we can see what works for you! After I talk through these options with an interested client, usually they ask about “microblading near me” and how to choose the right artist – I’ve also written extensively about that for you.

 My location, Natural Look by Eva is at: 619 E. Boughton Rd. Room #9, Bolingbrook, IL and I serve the greater Chicago area including, Naperville, Plainfield, Aurora, Joliet, and more.

Call or text me today at (708) 268-4642 to book an ombré or microblading treatment.

Ombré, Microblading, & Very Oily Skin

If you’ve done any sort of research while considering microblading or ombre treatments, you have found that microblading is not recommended for every type of skin. Extremely oily skin, psoriasis, eczema, & dermatitis prone skin are just a few of the types I do not recommend for a microblading treatment. In fact, you can find exactly that on my F.A.Q page as well as other great bits of information. However, if you have oily skin don’t give up on beautiful, natural, & full brows just yet. Keep reading!

“Why isn’t microblading okay for my extra oily skin?”

With oily skin as common as it is, I often get asked why microblading doesn’t work for that specific skin type. Simply put, very oily skin heals differently. When the glands in the skin produce an above average amount of oil, it in turn effects the healing of the pigmented strokes of microblading, giving the end result a much less longer lasting and refined effect. All that fine and delicate work your microblading artist created is then blurred and fades much, much quicker.

“So now what?”

Instead of microblading, consider ombré to achieve those perfect, low maintenance brows that don’t require extra minutes in the mirror and tons of filler. An ombré treatment is a great alternative to microblading and so many of my clients have completely fallen in love with their ombré look.  Ombré brows gives a softer, power filled effect that graduations from a softer color on the inside of the brow to a darker shade towards the outside of the brow.

Ombré vs. Microblading

Ombre Brows

Once you’ve looked over the results of microblading vs. the ombre technique, the difference is clear to see. I have gone into even deeper detail before about microblading for eyebrows & the ombre comparisons. The former, fine, natural hair strokes verses a softer, graduating shade. Check out my Instagram page and you’ll begin to see a definitive difference between the two. One of the benefits of the ombré technique to consider is it’s amazing versatility.   Ombré offers a softer, brow penciled aesthetic with beautiful definition. As well, it can be bold and dramatic. Both ombré and microblading techniques are lovely and truly up to personal style and preference which we cover at length during your consultation.

Let’s Do This!

Not sure if microblading or ombré is best for you? Check out my services page or better yet, let me answer any questions you may have about your skin type and you brow goals so we can see what works for you! My location, Natural Look by Eva is at: 619 E. Boughton Rd. Room #9, Bolingbrook, IL and I serve the greater Chicago area including, Naperville, Plainfield, Aurora, Joliet, and more.

Call or text me today at (708) 268-4642 to book an ombré or microblading treatment.

Does Microblading Hurt?

During my consultations with new clients, we cover a ton of information. From what to do before and after treatments, to desired color, and shape and everywhere in between. Keeping my clients informed and educated about their microblading choice is extremely important to me. However, one question I find many new clients are initially hesitant to ask, but desperately want to know is: “Does microblading hurt?”

Does microblading hurt?”

Firstly, let me say that this is what consultations are for. I am here to quell and fears, concerns, and answer every question to make you comfortable about your microblading treatment.

So, when you ask, “does microblading hurt”, is certainly is not the first time I’ve heard that question and it is a fair one that I am glad to answer.

Tools of the Trade

Since microblading utilizes micro blades during the process, most assume that microblading will be painful, similar to that of a tattoo. Not so and here’s why: the microblading pen holds ten to twelve very delicate, medical grade micro blades. Rather then penetrating deep layers of skin, the pen instead applies pigment on the epidermis layer, the uppermost layers of the skin. Because of this, fine, natural, and artistic strokes are created imitating hair realistically and beautifully. I invite you look closely at the gorgeous, natural results on my Instagram page by clicking here. And note, I will be discussing more in depth on the tools I utilize in up coming blogs. So, stay tuned!

does microblading hurt

So, Does Microblading Hurt?

No, and certainly nothing at all like the tattooing process. However, many describe it as a sensation or slight discomfort. Because I want my clients as comfortable as possible, I also apply a professional topical anesthetic. The specific product I utilize in my treatments is called Blue Gel Anesthetic. This is a safe, yet extremely effective anesthetic especially used in procedures and treatments like microblading. It desensitizes the area to ensure comfort during the microblading process. As well, Blue Gel contains a vascular constrictor, meaning it prevents swelling in the area of application. It is my ultimate goal to not only give you the natural, beautiful eyebrows you envision for yourself, but do so with you feeling completely comfortable and confident from beginning to end.

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Questions to Ask Your Artist During Your Microblading Consultation

You’ve done your research and googled most reputable, licensed microblading artists near you, and you even a couple in mind. However, you have one more step in the process… talking with your potential artist at your microblading consultation.

Therefore, knowing the right questions to ask during your microblading consultation can help you get to that last step in choosing the perfect microblading artist near you.

On treatment day, a good microblading consultation will have calmed all concerns, making you all the more comfortable in your informed decision. Here are my top four questions:

Am I a good candidate for microblading?

Before any discussion can begin on color or shape, discuss any factors that may be an issue in getting a microblading or ombre treatment done. Things like scaring, large pores, or a tendency to keloid scarring may impact your artists choice in microblading. As well, make your artist aware of ANY health concerns and issues at the start of your microblading consultation.

You can find any further risk factors I consider before treatments by clicking here to my F.A.Q section.

A knowledgeable and reputable microblading artist will definitely wish to touch on any and all risk factors before proceeding.

Can I see your portfolio?

An artist of any medium should have a portfolio of their work and present it proudly! This applies to microblading artists as well. Therefore, checking out a potential artists social media and website before hand is vital but don’t stop there, ask for their work!

Clear “before” and “after” photos, great reviews, and consistency of work is an absolute must.

So, not only will this provide a level of comfort but may also give you the client a better vision of what you desire for your end result. Discuss this and even view the portfolio with your artist, this should be a part of every good microblading consultation.

Will I get to “preview” my brows, during my microblading consultation, before it is permanent?

This should always be a “yes” from your potential microblading artist. In no way should your end result be a surprise. At this point, your artist should have asked his or her own questions and will be very clear on the desired shape and color. In addition, a professional microblading artist will pre-draw eyebrows during the microblading consultation before any treatment can begin.

What should I do before/after my treatment?

Keeping you well informed on what to expect is the goal of any good artist. In fact, this is the main point of your microblading consultation. While many (I included) have a well thought out and precise Pre/Post Care list available to current and potential clients, talking over considerations and how a microblading treatment will work within your busy life is another must. Your artist can go deeper into the whys of his or her list and spell out exactly why some things are avoided or recommended and how they apply to you specifically.

My passion is helping clients feel comfortable, informed, and happy from beginning to end. This starts with a great microblading consultation. I would love to start you on your journey by answering any questions on how we can take your eyebrows to the next level. 

My location, Natural Look by Eva is at: 619 E. Boughton Rd. Room #9, Bolingbrook, IL and I serve the greater Chicago area including, Naperville, Plainfield, Aurora, Joliet, and more. Call or text me today at (708) 268-4642.

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