Microblading Naperville The Natural Look By Eva Way

Microblading Naperville and any woman seeking to boost their confidence has always been an important mission for me. But I wasn’t always in this quant, gorgeous town. I wasn’t always in the heart of the US – Or the United States at all for that matter.

Microblading Naperville & The Journey

I was originally born and raised in the Czech Republic. You can read more about how this has impacted my drive to serve Chicago microblading clients here. In 1998 I made a decision that I wanted to pursue my own version of the American Dream. It’s this concept that we make our own fortune and control our own destiny that I try daily to ensure is the core of Natural Look By Eva. All of the microblading services offered to you are genuinely there to serve one purpose:

To Empower You.

Once I was in the States I hit the ground running. I trained with some of the best microbladers in the world and really became committed to perfecting my craft. I was always drawn to Chicago due to the opportunity, diversity of people & culture, as well as the general open-mindedness of everyone here. But I still wanted the small town appeal to match the Czech Republic I’ll always love even over two decades later. Ultimately Microblading Naperville became an easy choice to plant Natural Look By Eva. I think Naperville’s own site says it best:

Located 28 miles west of Chicago, Naperville, Ill., consistently ranks as a top community in the nation in which to live, raise children and retire. This vibrant, thriving city is home to acclaimed public and parochial schools, the best public library system in the country, world-class parks, diverse worship options, an array of healthcare options and an exceptionally low crime rate. Naperville has ready access to a variety of public transportation, housing and employment options. The city’s diversified employer base features high technology firms, retailers and factories, as well as small and home-based businesses. With all the amenities of a modern city and all the charm of a small town, Naperville truly is the premiere community in which to live, work and play.

Source: Naperville.Il.Us

I couldn’t be more proud of the work I’ve been able to do microblading Naperville and be apart of the many journeys to restoring confidence. Are you in the Naperville, Illinois area or greater Chicago and have been considering microblading? You can contact me directly to book an appointment. Or if you want to call or text questions, you can also do that. I’ve listed the pre-care & after-care requirements on the site for your convenience if that helps you make an informed decision. Looking forward to talking with you!

Microblading For Eyebrows vs. Ombre Brows: Which Microblading For Me?

Microblading for eyebrows is becoming a more popular concept for the everyday woman. At first many dubbed it as a fad, but microblading in 2019 has only become more accepted with the trends looking as if they’ll continue in 2020. The topic of this post is to highlight easily my most asked question when a new client who is interested after seeing the hundreds of positive microblading reviews vouching for the work I do which is:

“What’s the difference between the microblading for eyebrows ombre powder and which one is best for me?”

So if you’ve been considering microblading for your eyebrows but have questions as to whether it’s right for you, you’re in the right spot! We’ll answer that and also be explaining our ombre brows service so you know which microblading service to pick that gives you the most natural look.

Microblading For Eyebrows Breakdown: Classic Microblading

Microblading for eyebrows has increased in popularity because it helps so many women save so much time getting that natural brow shape and color they stress getting on a daily basis. Now, microblading can achieve that for you and last perfectly for the better part of a year!

I give you the brows of your dreams using a hand-held tool using the renown PhiBrows method. This process focuses on creating many hair-like strokes that match perfectly your natural brow hairs. The color comes from implanting pigment strokes under the skin using the tool. I’ve helped hundreds of women ditch their brow pencil as the idea is microblading is that it’s meant to replicate individual hairs so you no longer need to fill any portions of your brow in.

Who Is It Best For:

Microblading is the perfect solution for just about anyone looking for more consistently full eyebrows on a daily basis without all the hassle their typical brow-filling routine takes. More specifically:

  • If you have thin or patchy brows
  • If you prefer subtly in your eyebrow shape
  • Your eyebrow design and look is important, but there are other parts of your makeup routine you focus on.

If you prioritize your eyebrows and focus heavily on making sure they are just right, my ombre eyebrow service is the right option for you. Keep reading on if that sounds like you!

Ready to get your perfect brows via my classic microblading service? Contact me directly today to set up your consultation and appointment. Or if you have other questions like microblading cost or other microblading FAQs, check out the blog where I answer in-depth many common questions.

Microblading For Eyebrows Breakdown: Ombre Brows

microblading for eyebrows
ombre brows have a feathery touch

For clients who opt for the Ombre brows microblading service, their results will have more of a “powder” aesthetic. This is why they are notoriously referred to as “ombre powder brows“. This method involves the meticulous application of many “dots” inserted into the skin. Both microblading classic and ombre brows requires careful precision, but ombre in particular due to it not relying on strokes. These very small dots are not visible to the naked eye and gradually build into being identical to the natural flow and shape of your natural hairs.

Who Is It Best For?

Ombre Brows are best for those who want a little extra care and attention to their eyebrows. This extreme attention to detail and careful application of the pigment gives clients a bolder brow look while still being elegantly beautiful and looking natural. Not all skins types work with classic microblading – but this option is your answer for that especially if you have sensitive or more oily skin. More specifically this service is perfect for:

  • Oily skin types
  • Regular user of brow pencils
  • Focus more heavily on your brows

Refer to my microblading service page if you want more details about your options.

Microblading For Your Eyebrows: You Deserve It

Not sure if microblading or ombré is best for you? Check out my services page or better yet, let me answer any questions you may have about your skin type and you brow goals so we can see what works for you! After I talk through these options with an interested client, usually they ask about “microblading near me” and how to choose the right artist – I’ve also written extensively about that for you.

 My location, Natural Look by Eva is at: 619 E. Boughton Rd. Room #9, Bolingbrook, IL and I serve the greater Chicago area including, Naperville, Plainfield, Aurora, Joliet, and more.

Call or text me today at (708) 268-4642 to book an ombré or microblading treatment.

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