Does Microblading Hurt?

During my consultations with new clients, we cover a ton of information. From what to do before and after treatments, to desired color, and shape and everywhere in between. Keeping my clients informed and educated about their microblading choice is extremely important to me. However, one question I find many new clients are initially hesitant to ask, but desperately want to know is: “Does microblading hurt?”

Does microblading hurt?”

Firstly, let me say that this is what consultations are for. I am here to quell and fears, concerns, and answer every question to make you comfortable about your microblading treatment.

So, when you ask, “does microblading hurt”, is certainly is not the first time I’ve heard that question and it is a fair one that I am glad to answer.

Tools of the Trade

Since microblading utilizes micro blades during the process, most assume that microblading will be painful, similar to that of a tattoo. Not so and here’s why: the microblading pen holds ten to twelve very delicate, medical grade micro blades. Rather then penetrating deep layers of skin, the pen instead applies pigment on the epidermis layer, the uppermost layers of the skin. Because of this, fine, natural, and artistic strokes are created imitating hair realistically and beautifully. I invite you look closely at the gorgeous, natural results on my Instagram page by clicking here. And note, I will be discussing more in depth on the tools I utilize in up coming blogs. So, stay tuned!

does microblading hurt

So, Does Microblading Hurt?

No, and certainly nothing at all like the tattooing process. However, many describe it as a sensation or slight discomfort. Because I want my clients as comfortable as possible, I also apply a professional topical anesthetic. The specific product I utilize in my treatments is called Blue Gel Anesthetic. This is a safe, yet extremely effective anesthetic especially used in procedures and treatments like microblading. It desensitizes the area to ensure comfort during the microblading process. As well, Blue Gel contains a vascular constrictor, meaning it prevents swelling in the area of application. It is my ultimate goal to not only give you the natural, beautiful eyebrows you envision for yourself, but do so with you feeling completely comfortable and confident from beginning to end.

Ready to speak with a microblading artist?

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Questions to Ask Your Artist During Your Microblading Consultation

You’ve done your research and googled most reputable, licensed microblading artists near you, and you even a couple in mind. However, you have one more step in the process… talking with your potential artist at your microblading consultation.

Therefore, knowing the right questions to ask during your microblading consultation can help you get to that last step in choosing the perfect microblading artist near you.

On treatment day, a good microblading consultation will have calmed all concerns, making you all the more comfortable in your informed decision. Here are my top four questions:

Am I a good candidate for microblading?

Before any discussion can begin on color or shape, discuss any factors that may be an issue in getting a microblading or ombre treatment done. Things like scaring, large pores, or a tendency to keloid scarring may impact your artists choice in microblading. As well, make your artist aware of ANY health concerns and issues at the start of your microblading consultation.

You can find any further risk factors I consider before treatments by clicking here to my F.A.Q section.

A knowledgeable and reputable microblading artist will definitely wish to touch on any and all risk factors before proceeding.

Can I see your portfolio?

An artist of any medium should have a portfolio of their work and present it proudly! This applies to microblading artists as well. Therefore, checking out a potential artists social media and website before hand is vital but don’t stop there, ask for their work!

Clear “before” and “after” photos, great reviews, and consistency of work is an absolute must.

So, not only will this provide a level of comfort but may also give you the client a better vision of what you desire for your end result. Discuss this and even view the portfolio with your artist, this should be a part of every good microblading consultation.

Will I get to “preview” my brows, during my microblading consultation, before it is permanent?

This should always be a “yes” from your potential microblading artist. In no way should your end result be a surprise. At this point, your artist should have asked his or her own questions and will be very clear on the desired shape and color. In addition, a professional microblading artist will pre-draw eyebrows during the microblading consultation before any treatment can begin.

What should I do before/after my treatment?

Keeping you well informed on what to expect is the goal of any good artist. In fact, this is the main point of your microblading consultation. While many (I included) have a well thought out and precise Pre/Post Care list available to current and potential clients, talking over considerations and how a microblading treatment will work within your busy life is another must. Your artist can go deeper into the whys of his or her list and spell out exactly why some things are avoided or recommended and how they apply to you specifically.

My passion is helping clients feel comfortable, informed, and happy from beginning to end. This starts with a great microblading consultation. I would love to start you on your journey by answering any questions on how we can take your eyebrows to the next level. 

My location, Natural Look by Eva is at: 619 E. Boughton Rd. Room #9, Bolingbrook, IL and I serve the greater Chicago area including, Naperville, Plainfield, Aurora, Joliet, and more. Call or text me today at (708) 268-4642.

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